The report of the Pissarides committee proposes:

Coordinating the Labor Force Employment Agency with employer representatives to provide accreditation for private training centers. Provide guidance on training needs that exist in consultation with the private sector



Workforce training needs are established through the cooperation of DYPA with the Mechanism for Diagnosing Labor Market Needs and the Expert Unit of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, as well as the cooperation with the Central Council of Vocational Education and Training (Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs) which also takes place within the framework of the National Workforce Skills Council. The National Skills Strategy (4921/22) is the basic document that reflects these needs, while a Government Skills Committee also operates.
In terms of certification, training providers must be certified for registration on the relevant register, are assessed against quality criteria, and TSI and RRP funded projects are planned on quality upgrading.
The effort is supported by:
a) technical assistance projects for the modernization and reform of vocational education (VET), and for the implementation of a national skills framework (VET-VET) with an emphasis, among other things, on the evaluation of training providers.
b) the action ": Modernization of the vocational training system of OAED & LAEK" of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0, which includes a series of projects such as quality control in VET, the upgrading of educational programs of IEK-KEK-KEK PWDs, the implementation of E-learning and the digitization of educational content, the implementation of a training program in basic and digital skills and in skills in cutting-edge industries and the modernization of existing laboratories and equipment.

Therefore, the proposal is assessed as implemented.